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I’d all but given up getting this little HP Laptop going again. I’d tried every System Interrupts cure there was online, but just found HP had just droppped (March 9th, 2018) a new BIOS file on their driver download page. Updated, all working. This £180 14-ac100na is never going to win any speed race, but for updating websites, and basic browsing and watching a film it’s great.

Driver for this machine are here … make sure you change the operating system if your not using Win 10 64-bit. https://support.hp.com/us-en/hp-14-ac100/





… to delete

Dave Fry Does ...

Dave Fry Does …


My guide to fitting an OpenReach VDSL faceplate (Service Specific Face Plate).

The current (last) version of this style of VSDL faceplate is the MK3.

Remove the lower half faceplate on your current NTA5A master socket.

Place the new VDSL faceplate on then re-attach the original lower half face plate using the longer screws that came with the VDSL facepalte. Be sure to replace with screws of the same thread type.

If you plan to have the router plugged in in a different place to the master socket, use the A and B IDC connectors to run a copper wire to a socket elsewhere. This is only to be used for Broadband.




… review of my Lenovo Ideacentre Stick 300 PC.

My first review was going to be full on raving 5 stars … but then a colleague broke it with some dodgy software and I couldn’t do a thing with it and Lenovo had no driver available on their site, so the review was going to be zero, but then I found the drivers on a forum, so now give it a 5 stars for the stick, Lenovo 2 stars for support – the standard instruction is to send back to the retailer you bought it from for repair / exchange, but after a longish discussion, they agreed I could send it back to them … but then I found the drivers, clean installed Windows 10 (Home, 32 bit) from a newly created USB stick.

Lenovo no loger supply from

Mine came with Windows 10 (Home, 32 bit), it does all I need it to.

Tech specifications:
Processor: Intel® Atom™ Z3735F Processor
Memory: 2 GB DDR3
Connectivity: WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth® 4.0

It’s never going to be a gaming PC, which is great as that not what’s it was designed for.

100 mm x 38 mm x 15 mm
In the box:
Ideacentre Stick 300 PC
15cm HDMI extension cable.
Power supply
Self adhesive mounting bracket
1 x HDMI-out.
1 x Micro USB to power PC
1 x Standard USB 2.0 port.
MicroSD Card Reader
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth® 4.0

Use the power supply that comes with it – or another decent 2A USB supply.

0333 777 3991

and back


As long as this has had a genuine registered copy of Windows 10 on it, you can reload from scratch so you have a nice clean install.

To reload – Reload.

Download Win 10, 32 bit currently 1607 from here … you’ll need an 8??Gb USB stick that can be wiped.

When loaded and fully updated, you can then load 1703 – also known as the Creators Update – it’s never run has good as it does now!

Windows Update sorts most of the drivers.

Download SOC_BYT_Win10_32.zip from HERE unzip, then run the setup file in the PlatformInstaller folder.

Then to fix HMDI / Sound –  ? from ?.

http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/support/detect.html – then click on … Or I have a working version here … ?

Download the Intel Driver Update Utility Installer

Heres the one I got, it was ver
Hit start scan – will find this …
Hit Download – it’s 70mb
When Install shows in blue, press in follow on-screen instructions.

I use on my ChromeBase, so didn’t opt for a BlueTooth keyboard/mouse, I just use a 3 port USB hub …  Any issues, give me a shout!

Update Lenovo now have support pages for the Stick 300. All 4 pages, as far as I can see, have the same 4 downloads.

Stick 300 – No Machine Type

Machine Type 90F2

Machine Type 10233

Machine Type 90ER





To view your saved passwords in Windows 10

To view your saved passwords in Windows 10.

At a command promt, type

netsh wlan show profiles

[PIC 1]

netsh wlan show profiles “moto g (4) 6234” key=clear

[PIC 2]

To show your current WiFi password …


Double click on WiFi

[Wireless Properties]

Secuity tab

Show Characters






My guide to installing a New Style BT OpenReach NTE5c Telephone Master Socket … New Version.

A circuit diagram of the BT OpenReach NTE5c Telephone Master Socket.

C1 = 1.8μF Capacitor
R1 = 470KΩ Out of service resistor
R2 = Bell Wire Resistor/Choke (Colouring says ?Ω – meter reads 77Ω)

Inside the NTE5c Telephone Master Socket 5c. Components from left to right. R1, service resistor, R2, bell wire resistor, C1, ring capacitor.

There are 3 components in the NTE5c master sockets now – the Ring Capacitor, Test Resistor and a bell wire resistor/choke. These components are all on the back plate of the NTE5c – as is the extension wiring – but the extension wiring remains disconnected from the line until the lower half faceplate is plugged in. Master sockets have not contained the Surge Protector since around 2012 as these can cause issues with Fibre BroadBand.

When fitting any new socket:-

  • Never strip any wires going into the IDC connectors.
  • Always connect to the next available bit of fresh, unused wire.
  • The wires on A, B, 2 (3*) and 5 on your current socket will be going to the same positions on the NTE5c.

* 3 is used to carry the ring signal, but is known to cause issues with broadband. I personally never use as most modern phones don’t need this – if your telephone on the extension socket requires a ring capacitor, use a decent microfilter that contains the ring capacitor.

Incoming cable … Always connect to the next available bit of fresh, unused wire. Cut used/damaged cable off.

To connect the incoming line place the clean un-stripped cables in the A and B connectors as shown, making sure the cables pass through both holes and go right to the back of the cam-lock IDC connector. These will be the same 2 cables you removed from A and B on your current socket.

Making sure the wires stay in place, now close the cam-lock IDC fully. If you need to open this cam-lock for any reason you need to cut off the used bit of cable then follow the above again. Never re-use the same section of wire in any IDC connector.

On the newer MK2 version of the NTE5c, they now have clear cam-locks so you can see that the cables are correctly placed.

If you have no extension wiring to install, screw this unit to your backbox then test using the test socket, see picture below, or just clip the lower half faceplate and use as normal.

NTE5c Telephone Master Socket – test socket. Note; your extension wiring will not be connected when the lower-half face-plate is removed.

NTE5c Telephone Master Socket – finished.

Note: Even though the extension wiring is now in the main body of the NTE5c, it will remain unconnected from the phone line until the lower-half face-plate is installed.

To install the extensions cables, again used clean un-stripped wires in the 2 and 5 connectors as shown, making sure the cables pass through both holes and go right to the back of the cam-lock IDC connector. These will be the same 2 cables you removed from 2 and 5 on your current socket. Again, on the newer MK2 version of the NTE5c, they now have clear cam-locks on the extension IDC’s so you can see that the cables are correctly placed.

Important. If you have 2 extensions coming from your current master socket, note these will both need to be placed in the cam locks at the same time and on top of each other, make sure they’re not twisted as this will damage the IDC.

Clear on NTE5c MK2.

If your extension wiring comes out the front of the socket, it just comes straight down, there is a cut out in the lower half faceplate to accommodate this.

If your extension wiring comes in through your backbox, route the cable as shown in the 2 pictures below – running the cable along the bottom of the socket, then out the right-hand side of the hole.

Rear view of extension wiring.

NTE5C fitted, finished.

Below is a mock up of NTE5c and VDSL MK4 filter used to – this is the best option if you wish to have the broadband router anywhere except at the master socket.

Using NTE5c + VLDS MK4 to move broadband router away from master socket.

Standard incoming BT line (drop wire)


Standard incoming BT line (drop wire) – Close up. The Steel Tension Cables can be other colours, but all 3 are always the same colour.


The NTE5’s come with 2 choices of mounting screw. If using a plastic backbox without any metal in the mounting holes, use the self taping screws, otherwise use the machine screw – the machine screws are also for use on the metal back box sunk into wall.

Wiring extension sockets on the faceplate:-

2 = Blue with white rings
3 = Orange with white rings – Don’t connect for best internet speeds.
4 = Not on new sockets, or
5 = White with blue ring

If your telephone does require a ring capacitor, use a decent microfilter that contains the ring capacitor.

Like these.

Can be bought on Amazon for about £8. http://amzn.to/2pt2CZn

Or eBay. ebay.co.uk


Sign into Paypal, then click this link …






To like a Facebook Page as your page …

To like a Facebook Page as your page …

Go to the Page you want to like.
Click on … <PIC> the Page’s cover photo.
Select Like as Your Page.
Then in the drop down, select the Page you’re admin of and that you want to like the Page as, then click Save.


… The Secret Life of Pets

… The Secret Life of Pets – my review.

8/10. Not my usual cinema choice, but funny, clever and great minions short just before the film!

… I’m sure the price of Nachos and cheese (+ jalapenos of course) goes up each time I go to the pics!




… Batman vs Superman.

… Batman vs Superman – my review.

7 out of 10. Good. Long, some bits that drag between the action.