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… install VDSL MK3 SSFP on BT / Virgin / OpenReach NTE5a Master Socket

My guide to fitting an OpenReach VDSL faceplate (Service Specific Face Plate).

The current (last) version of this style of VSDL faceplate is the MK3.

Remove the lower half faceplate on your current NTA5A master socket.

Place the new VDSL faceplate on then re-attach the original lower half face plate using the longer screws that came with the VDSL facepalte. Be sure to replace with screws of the same thread type.

If you plan to have the router plugged in in a different place to the master socket, use the A and B IDC connectors to run a copper wire to a socket elsewhere. This is only to be used for Broadband.



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