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…fix Apple TV – error 21 and error 4013 and USB drawing too much power

Got an Apple TV box to fix. Solution.

  1. Tried on a year old Mac Book, USB was “drawing too much power” on USB, shut down USB port.
  2. Tried on HP ProBook I was repairing, got Error 21.
  3. Tried it on my Acer TravelMate, installed iTunes, Apple TV wasn’t recognised on any of the 3 UBS ports.
  4. Tried on Lenovo Stick 300 PC. Installed iTunes, couldn’t plug Apple TV and the keyboard/mouse dongle, so plugged in apple TV and TeamViewer’d onto the PC – Error 4013.
  5. Tried on my old desktop PC Advent, installed iTunes, plugged in Apple TV, PC froze, had to force power off each time, tried a few times – now PC won’t even boot.
  6. Tried on Acer small one. Plugging in the apple TV causes the PC to power off instantly.
  7. Tried on Dell PC, Apple TV wasn’t recognised on any of the UBS ports.
  8. Tried on another Acer TravelMate, same model as no. 3 –  success!

That’s an evening off my life I’ll never get back. I’ve recommended replacing it with a Pi!


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