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fixes his new Windows 10 install

Firstly, why did you try Windows 10 so soon and not wait ’til it’s got the first round of bugs ironed out?  Have you learnt nothing …?

Anyway … on my laptop, I cured the flashing-desktop-can’t click-on-anything-issue by


Hold [SHIFT] button, then click on restart.

When restarting – take option 5 / F5 to start windows in Safe Mode.

Then run the Norton Uninstall Tool you’ve downloaded onto a USB stick on a different PC from here … Norton Uninstall Tool.

Download the Norton Uninstall Tool from the official Norton site – Norton Uninstall Tool

Restart normally, all should be well. You can now reload Norton – or revert back to Windows 7 for now!

7th Nov Update – Getting to grips with Windows 10 – and more importantly, performing a clean install – Dave Fry’s now on Windows 10. Click Here.

Laters! Dave.

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