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Hiren Boot. Mint wipe Hard Drive.

Download Hiren from here … https://www.hirensbootcd.org/

Create a USB ukey for it, by

A) Low Level Format Tool 4.40.

B) Then diskpart on a Windows PC, using these commands …

Open CMD. Type diskpart to open diskpart

> list disk

> select disk [DISK-NUMBER]

> clean

> list disk

# Quick note: The output should include an asterisk (*) next to the selected drive. #

> create partition primary

> select partition 1

> active

# format fs=[FILE-SYSTEM] label=[DRIVE-LABEL] quick # I use …

> format fs=ntfs label=card quick

# assign letter=[DRIVE-LETTER]

# I use assign with no drive letter and let it choose it’s own … #

> assign

# Windows should open up new drive window. #

> exit

Open downloaded Hiren .iso file and copy all files to USB.

Mount target hard drive

> df -h

# You’re looking for the drives name dispayed as /dev/sd[LETTER+NUMBER] # Remeber their may be more than one listed.

# Wipe again using Mint, using this command … #

sudo dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/sd[LETTER+NUMBER] bs=4k