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On my moto G4, I’ve just been shown you can move cursor left and right with the space bar on my Google keyboard and opposed to jabbing at the word on the screen until I get it in the right place – brilliant!


… Deadpool

… Deadpool – my review.

I’m not mad keen on any of the Marvel and DC type films, but as I heard a lot of fans hated it, I thought I’d give it a try!

9/10 Funny, more ‘talking to the fourth wall’ I’ve seen in any film and self mocking – superhero films and the actor! Definitely not one for the kids though!




HP ProBook 6460b Netbook Windows 7 Pro 64-bit.

HP ProBook 6460b Netbook Windows 7 Pro.

Reloaded one of these with Windows 7 Pro 64-bit.

Windows 7 loaded all the drivers needed except the WiFi and the functions on F Keys.

For Your ProBook 6460b with Windows 7 Pro, 64 bit – go here : HP Website – 6460b


see dmy davefrydoes.co.uk/nte dsfsf



Got an Apple TV box to fix. Solution.

  1. Tried on a year old Mac Book, USB was “drawing too much power” on USB, shut down USB port.
  2. Tried on HP ProBook I was repairing, got Error 21.
  3. Tried it on my Acer TravelMate, installed iTunes, Apple TV wasn’t recognised on any of the 3 UBS ports.
  4. Tried on Lenovo Stick 300 PC. Installed iTunes, couldn’t plug Apple TV and the keyboard/mouse dongle, so plugged in apple TV and TeamViewer’d onto the PC – Error 4013.
  5. Tried on my old desktop PC Advent, installed iTunes, plugged in Apple TV, PC froze, had to force power off each time, tried a few times – now PC won’t even boot.
  6. Tried on Acer small one. Plugging in the apple TV causes the PC to power off instantly.
  7. Tried on Dell PC, Apple TV wasn’t recognised on any of the UBS ports.
  8. Tried on another Acer TravelMate, same model as no. 3 –  success!

That’s an evening off my life I’ll never get back. I’ve recommended replacing it with a Pi!



My guide to replacing a BT OpenReach Master Socket (NTE5a) … same for Virgin / Talk Talk etc.

Your master socket used to be something like this … and may still do.

PIC Front.

C1 = 1.8μF Capacitor
SP1 = Surge Protector
R1 = 470KΩ Out of service resistor

BT Master Socket Pre NTE5

Wiring diagram Master Socket.

BT Master Socket Pre NTE5 Wiring Diagram

There were 3 components, the Ring Capacitor, the Test Resistor and the Surge Protector. It you wanted to add extension sockets you wired them in the back of the socket on the same terminals as BT’s incoming cables.

The introduction of the NTE5 meant only BTs wires are fitted into the back of the socket with a test phone socket on the front – and any extensions are wired into a separate removable front plate/socket – this can be removed should there be an issue with the extension wiring, or to eliminate this from the investigation.

Wiring diagram NTE5A.

BT Master Socket NTE5a Wiring Diagram Latest Version>PIC Front

>PIC Back.

Early NTE5’s still had the Surge Protector, but in 2012 these were no longer put in as they can affect ADSL and VDSL speeds. If yours still has it, you can leave or replace the socket. Some people have cut the component out.

There are only 2 components in master sockets now – the Ring Capacitor and the Test Resistor.  New sockets (since around 2012) do NOT contain Voltage Surge Protector.

When fitting a new socket:-

  • Never strip any cables going into the IDC connectors.
  • Always connect to the next available bit of fresh, unused cable.

Standard incoming BT line (drop wire) BT_OpenReach_Virgin_incoming_line

Standard incoming BT line (drop wire) – Close up. The Steel Tension Cables can be other colours, but all 3 are always the same colour. BT_OpenReach_Virgin_incoming_line_zoomed

When placing the wire in the IDC, there is only one correct way.  The contact in the IDC connector is off centre, the side that the metal connector is closer to, is the side the wire is cut / ends.

IDC connector. NTE5A_Wiring_back_IDC

IDC insertion tool. NTE5A_fitting_IDC_insertion_tool

IDC tool lined up. NTE5A_Wiring_back_IDC_tool_1

IDC tool lined up, explanation. NTE5A_Wiring_back_IDC_tool_2

IDC tool placement. NTE5A_Wiring_back_IDC_tool_3

Incoming line placement in IDC. NTE5A_Wiring_back_IDC_1

Trimmed neatly – cut the wires individually, cutting them together will short them. NTE5A_Wiring_back_IDC_2

Tidied. Cable-tied (round outer sheath, not cables). Finished. NTE5A_Wiring_back_IDC_3

The NTE5’s come with 2 choices of mounting screw. If using a plastic backbox without any metal in the mounting holes, use the self taping screws, otherwise use the machine screw – the machine screws are also for use on the metal back box sunk into wall.  NTE5A_mounting_screws

Wiring extension sockets on the faceplate:-

2 = Blue with white rings
3 = Orange with white rings – Don’t connect for best internet speeds.
4 = Not on new sockets
5 = White with blue ring

Buy a full NTE5A kit with tool on Amazon – amzn.to/2yeSQSa

If your telephone does require a ring capacitor, use a decent microfilter that contains the ring capacitor.

Like these.



Raspberry Pi Purchase and Set Up

I plan to make this the easiest to follow guide.


Pi 2 – Model B
HDMI cable
Raspberry Pi Genuine Power
Clear case
SD Card
WiFi Keyboard Mouse – eBay link
Ethernet cable – I’ve always had decent ones from this eBayer.

Afterwards I then went to the www.thepihut.com and bought a WiFi dongle – so I could take the Pi anywhere that had a TV I could plug it into and setup while teathered to my phone.

On Windows PC – Using Windows 10, dug out an old 2Gb SD Card (Class 4) – will use bigger and faster (Class 10) in future, this is just to get it set up how  want.

Remember, the Pi isn’t like a PC. If you’re PC has a faulty hard driver or Windows is corrupt, it will still boot to some degree – even if it just beeps at you! But with the Pi if the SD is not working or blank or corrupt, the Pi won’t work at all, the screen will be blank – it’ll not even flicker a light as a warning.



Winner winner, chicken-thighs-with-skin-on dinner

Meal 1.


Decent size chicken thighs, still with skin of course
New potatoes
Frozen broccoli / peas / sweetcorn
Olive oil. Black Pepper. Salt. Gravy Granules.


Pyrex dish / metal dish
Mug / jug / gravy boat


  • 00:00 – Oven on 155 (Fan)
    Set timer 10 mins
  • 00:10 Rub Chicken in olive oil. Sprinkle with black pepper and (healthier, pink) salt.
    Set timer 35 mins
  • 00:45 Medium pan hot water on.
    00:46 Baste chicken.
    Set timer 10-15 mins
  • 01:00 When water boiling add new potatoes, (scrubbed – if large cut in half) and carrots cut into discs. Bigger spuds cut in half, bring to boil, cover, then simmer for 20 mins.
    Set timer 20 mins
  • 01:20 Knock temp back to max. Put in frozen broccoli and/or peas and/or sweetcorn etc – bring back to boil then drop heat to simmer for 4-5 mins.
    When cooked, use water for gravy (chicken gravy of course).

Serve and enjoy!

Laters! Dave.


… make a bootable USB stick – the easy way!

No dodgy software to download. I’m using Win 7 – Works in Windows 10 also, just click on Cortana and type in CMD or just DISKPART to skip the first bit.

All items in bold-italic are the ones you need to key – Make sure you select the correct disk when in DISKPART.

Start > Open / Run CMD.exe – don’t just open, right-click then ‘Run as Administrator’.

On some PC’s you may have to go to Start > All Programs > Accessories then Command Prompt, don’t just open, right-click then ‘Run as Administrator’.

At this prompt …


Type diskpart then press enter.

You are now in DISKPART.

Microsoft DiskPart version 6.1.7601
Copyright (C) 1999-2008 Microsoft Corporation.
On computer: DAVE-PC

DISKPART> list disk

Disk ### Status Size Free Dyn Gpt
——– ————- ——- ——- — —
Disk 0 Online 111 GB 2048 KB
Disk 1 Online 7633 MB 0 B

DISKPART> select disk 1 (** OR whichever your USB Disk is! **)


DISKPART> create partition primary

DISKPART> select partition 1

DISKPART> active

(Note: In the following entry USBSTICK is the name Windows will see the drive as, you can define yourself.)

DISKPART> format fs=ntfs label=USBSTICK quick

Or for a slower, full format option use… DISKPART> format fs=ntfs name=USBSTICK

DISKPART> assign


Here’s one I prepared earlier …

Diskpart created bootable USB.

How to create a bootable USB stick with diskpart

Job done. Click he#LINK#re to add and icon to show your USB in MyComputer like this …

Laters. Dave.


In my quest to be (almost) fully cloud only, I’m experimenting with a Chromebook. I’ll publish shortcuts / apps etc as I find them – can’t get Skype working yet though …

To view all shortcuts, press CTRL + ALT + ?

Page down – ALT + Down arrow … or Search + Up arrow
Page up – ALT + Up arrow … or Search + Up arrow
End – CTRL + ALT + Down arrow … or Search + Right arrow
Home – CTRL + ALT + Up arrow … or Search + Left arrow
Del – ALT + Backspace
Close current webpage – CTRL + W
Lock screen – CTRL + SHIFT + L … or hold power button for 2 seconds
Task Manager – Shift + ESC

To scroll down the page – plug in a mouse with a scroll wheel … or use 2 fingers on the mouse pad.

If using a standard keyboard, you’ll need to know these keys…



fixes his new Windows 10 install

Firstly, why did you try Windows 10 so soon and not wait ’til it’s got the first round of bugs ironed out?  Have you learnt nothing …?

Anyway … on my laptop, I cured the flashing-desktop-can’t click-on-anything-issue by


Hold [SHIFT] button, then click on restart.

When restarting – take option 5 / F5 to start windows in Safe Mode.

Then run the Norton Uninstall Tool you’ve downloaded onto a USB stick on a different PC from here … Norton Uninstall Tool.

Download the Norton Uninstall Tool from the official Norton site – Norton Uninstall Tool

Restart normally, all should be well. You can now reload Norton – or revert back to Windows 7 for now!

7th Nov Update – Getting to grips with Windows 10 – and more importantly, performing a clean install – Dave Fry’s now on Windows 10. Click Here.

Laters! Dave.