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Raspberry Pi Purchase and Set Up

I plan to make this the easiest to follow guide.


Pi 2 – Model B
HDMI cable
Raspberry Pi Genuine Power
Clear case
SD Card
WiFi Keyboard Mouse – eBay link
Ethernet cable – I’ve always had decent ones from this eBayer.

Afterwards I then went to the www.thepihut.com and bought a WiFi dongle – so I could take the Pi anywhere that had a TV I could plug it into and setup while teathered to my phone.

On Windows PC – Using Windows 10, dug out an old 2Gb SD Card (Class 4) – will use bigger and faster (Class 10) in future, this is just to get it set up how  want.

Remember, the Pi isn’t like a PC. If you’re PC has a faulty hard driver or Windows is corrupt, it will still boot to some degree – even if it just beeps at you! But with the Pi if the SD is not working or blank or corrupt, the Pi won’t work at all, the screen will be blank – it’ll not even flicker a light as a warning.


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